A Deployed Dad Who Hasn’t Seen His Son In 1 Year Decided To Surprise Him And The Emotional Video


Deployed father who hasn

A deployed dad who hasn’t seen his son in 1 year decided to surprise him during Taekwondo training and the emotional video has gone viral.


In a video shared online, the boy is seen in a blindfold as he prepares for his next battle. Unknown to him, his father was the one he was to fight.


The father steps in and the fight begins. The young boy gives it his all until the man speaks and he stops in his tracks. He then continues fighting. The man spoke again and, this time, the boy stopped fighting and said,”Dad?”

When he took off his blindfold and saw that it was indeed his dad, he jumped straight into his arms and cried tears of joy. It’s hard to remain dry-eyed at this point.

Watch the beautiful reunion video below.

Credit: Linda Ikeji