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33 Objects Removed From A Man’s Stomach Including Screwdriver, Razor Blade, Knife


In what should have been a rare case, doctors extracted about 33 solid objects from a patient’s stomach in Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh. The 30-year-old man, identified as Yogesh Thakur had swallowed a knife, a screwdriver, razor blades and plastics. He was admitted to hospital on July 14 after he complained of having severe abdomen pain. When his mother, Kusma Thakur, told doctors he would grab anything and eat it, they immediately performed an X-Ray which revealed shocking results.

Without any delay, doctors readied the patient for operation and removed the objects weighing in total 800 gm. According to reports, it took two days for the doctors to extract all the objects from Yogesh’s belly. As of now, he is currently recovering and has been advised to take psychiatric help.

Dr. MPN Khare, who successfully extracted all the solid objects, said Yogesh was suffering from Altered Mental Status (AMS), a medical condition that develops from multiple disorders, eventually impacting mental functioning. Yogesh is set to be discharged from the hospital in the next four to five days. However, his mother has been told to keep a close watch on his eating habits.

Other doctors from the same hospital were shocked when scans revealed multiple objects inside the man’s belly.

This is not the first time this weird incident has happened. Last month in Rajasthan, doctors of a government hospital removed around 80 objects including ‘chillam’, keys and coins from a mentally-ill patient’s stomach.

In Bhatinda, five doctors removed coins, nails, magnets, batteries and more from a man’s stomach. The patient had told the doctors that around three years back he had slipped into depression and developed the habit of swallowing metallic objects.