3 Online Tools That Help You Create Game-Changing Resume


    If you’re looking to add more weapons to your job hunting arsenal, here are 3 online tools that will help you create game-changing job application documents

    Resume tools

    The unemployed in Nigeria really do have it tough –with so much competition for the few jobs available, the need to stand out has never been more necessary. Thanks to the digital world, job seekers’ quest for a good career is now being simplified with the abundance of digital resume and portfolio platforms.

    1. Vizualize.me

    This app allows you to create a powerful, succinct one-page resume infographic.

    Based on the data imported from your LinkedIn profile, Vizualize.me will help you create customized visual representations of your experiences and credentials. These visual aids will help flaunt your qualifications for a specific role in an informative and aesthetically pleasing way and enable you to download the infographic as a PDF, PNG or share it as a link. Vizualize .me is totally free.

    2. ResumUP

    Import your profile data from LinkedIn and Facebook, and ResumUP crafts a gorgeous infographic complete with your work history, skills, achievements, key values, and even your personality type. Share it with potential employers by downloading it in PDF or PNG form.

    While a very basic version of the visual resume is free, a paid version for $4 a month expands the infographic with additional sections.

    3. Visualcv.com

    Like other sites, this resume-building service extracts data from your existing resume or LinkedIn profile, then lets you choose a design, add multimedia items like presentations, images, and embedded videos, and publish to a public custom URL, a private share link, or a PDF export.

    One of the most impressive features of Visualcv is that it’s built to create resumes that pass the resume screening software test that most medium to large size companies employs. It has a free and a pro version which includes analytics–how many times your online resume has been viewed, and from what sources.

    Think your resume can’t be better? Think again. These online tools may be all you need to land that dream jobWe hope you found this helpful.