15 Super Adorable Bantu Knot Styles You would Love


Bantu Knots is one hairstyle that is evergreen. This hairstyle can be rocked for any and every occasion which is a major plus for it. A lot of ladies with natural hair love this style but it can also be done with extensions.

Bantu Knots Tutorial Plus 25 Hot Pictures
Bantu knot is a protective hairstyle. They look like mini twisted buns. These knots come to us from South Africa.
Anything African is always magnificent and the hairstyles that hail from there are truly magnificent.
Those African women really know how to style their hair! A twisted (or braided) portion of hair wrapped around itself to form a bun is called a Bantu knot.
These knots are also used to coil or curl hair.
The partitioning of the hair plays quite an important role when styling this hairstyle.
Asides from the beauty it offers, it is also a very flexible style as no matter how you make it, Banktu knots always come out looking cute.
Because of the evergreen nature of this style, here are Fifteenn dashing Bantu knot hairstyles you should try;
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