10 Things Only Last Borns Of The House Can Relate To | Photos

10 Things Only Last Borns Of The House Can Relate To | Photos

Last borns are the last babies of the house and sometimes, mama’s fave of all. There are alot of facts/things that are peculiar to only the last bebes of the house and that is what we have put together for your fun Thursday.

1. When you get old enough, all the housework falls on you.

2. No matter how old you get, you will always be seen as the baby of the house.

Even when you are in your 60’s.

3.When you collect bribes from your elder ones so you don’t snitch on them for breaking their curfew.

You better pay if you want your secret kept.

4.But your parents offer you more bribes so you end up still snitching on your siblings.

I didn’t come to this world to suffer.

5. If your elder one talks to you in a rude way and you reply the same way, they will start shouting “DISRESPECT”.

But disrespect is reciprocal na, Lolzzz

6. When your elder sibling’s boyfriend/girlfriend comes to visit and they try to turn you to their personal servant.

You be like “It’s like this one is mad sha.”

7. When you were a kid and all you had to do to get what you wanted was cry.

 Master Manipulator!

8. This is how your elder ones look at you when your relatives visit from abroad and bring presents for only you.

Haters are gonna hate.

9. When all your elder siblings start working and earning salaries so you tax them mercilessly.

Give your baby brother something na.

10. When someone bullies you at school so you show up the next day with your elder siblings to fight for you.

Show us the person that beat you.