Why Do Guys Run Away From You?


I had a long talk with a group of guys days back, and it was quite deep, they made it known to me that they could never marry their current girlfriends, that some ladies are only good for dating and not for marrying.

You may have a lot of men trying to win you over, guys may not ‘run’ away from you but have you ever found yourself in a serious relationship? Has any guy taken any bold step? Even if they popped the question, are they really working towards their promises?

If you must be taken seriously by men, then you should start acting seriously and responsible, this may still not be criteria to keep some men especially the foolish ones who break the hearts of good women, but it’s worth the try.

There are some habits guys could tolerate in their girlfriends but wouldn’t look away twice with a potential wife material.

If you have never been in a serious relationship or maybe you’ve been in one before and he left you without any tangible reason, you need to check yourself.

First things first, are you a material girl? A Barbie kinda girl? You want your man to buy you the whole world and when he goes broke, you hop onto the next guy?

If you are very materialistic, it may be very hard to keep a man, especially in this recession. It’s not a crime to yearn for beautiful things, it’s not a crime to wear clothes in vogue, it becomes a crime when you cherish a man’s pocket more than himself. No sane man would want that kind of wife, cause, you’ll place your needs above your children’s fees, the building of your own house and other pressing needs. What scares men most about materialistic women is their insatiable lust for things and if they aren’t stated, they’d do anything including having s*x with other men to get what they want.

Additionally, you may be  ‘Stubborn’, stubborn here implies, you could be rude and very domineering. Trust me, men don’t like women like that. I’m not saying you should become a dummy, but you need to respect your man, that’s all he needs from you. If he does something you aren’t cool with, fine, tell him about it, but don’t always wish to have your way in everything. No man wants to become the wife, while you’re the husband.

Lastly, are you flirtatious? Remember, a man would judge you by your character. If you have a flirtatious lifestyle, he’s gonna treat you like some arm candy, once your sweetness fades, he’d toss you aside.

These and many more are reasons why you may never keep a man.




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