Which Matters More: When You Eat Or What You Eat?

Which Matters More: When You Eat Or What You Eat?

First things first, I think eating would be much interesting when we know the content of what we plan to consume.

What this means is this: we should focus on the nutrients available in the food we consume.

Here is what a fitness expert said about Nutrient timing

“The nutrient timing plan really highlights the relationship between exercise and nutrition. The goal is to be a tiny bit hungry going into a workout… feeling lean and mean… and then have a solid meal afterward to help replenish hungry muscles. The rest of the day you want to focus on whole, unprocessed from-the-earth foods. That means a ton of vegetables, plenty of healthy meats, and balanced, natural fats.  The goal is to move the bulk of your carbs to your post workout window. Yes, that means no carbs before your workout. Start by adding a handful of carbs…to your first meal post workout. Fruit, rice, or potatoes are all excellent options.”

Nutrient timing has to do with reminder on when to eat and what the constituents of the food are. We should be more bothered about what our food contains before we start to master the art of timing.

In all, When you eat matter but what matters most is its constituents



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