What To Do If Your Boo Takes You For Granted

How To Know You Are Giving Too Much In Your Relationship

There is a popular saying that goes thus: You don’t know the value of what you have until you loose it.

One thing you should never allow is giving someone the chance of taking your time and effort for granted especially if you both are very close.

What worth is it when you keep someone and still have to fight for their attention? Sometimes, you even end up loosing your respect and cheapen yourself too so why don’t you pipe low and try these ways to get him to miss you and if he doesn’t miss you afterwards, just walk way.

1. Stop communicating with him.

short skirt


2. When he communicates take time before you respond to his messages and calls.


3. Don’t go to his house anymore!


4. Stop sending your pictures to him.


5. Be quick to end the conversation first.

boy bye

6. Stop posting things on social media.



7. Leave some of your things behind.


8. Spend time with other people so he knows you have a life.



9. Treat him like a friend not a flame.