Video: Saudi Arabian Police Arrests Popular Singer For Dabbing On Stage

Video: Saudi Arabian Police Arrests Popular Singer For Dabbing On Stage

According to Okaz News, a TV personality in Saudi Arabia has been detained by the authorities for “dabbing” during a music concert.

Dabbing which is a simple dance move or playful gesture, in which a person drops their head into the bent crook of a slanted arm while raising the opposite arm in a parallel direction but out straight.

Abdallah Al Shaharani
The singer, Abdallah Al Shaharani

The popular actor and singer Abdallah Al Shaharani is said to have taken part in a music concert in the city of Ta’if where he”dabbed” on stage.

In the video which has now gone viral, the singer puts down his microphone in order to encourage the audience to clap along. He went ahead to rolls his arm and ‘dabbed’, while the audience cheers him on. A lot of artists, celebrities, and even athletes in countries around the world dab while expressing themselves.

However, the ‘dabbing’ is prohibited by the country’s anti-drug authority.

‘Dabbing’ is said to have been prohibited by the Saudi Arabia Ministry’s National Commission for Combating Drugs recently because they consider it to refer to the use of marijuana.

The actor and singer, Abdallah Al Shaharani has taken to his Twitter account to share an apology for his behavior.

See his tweet below:

السلام عليكم .. اقدم أشد اعتذاري لحكومتنا الرشيدة وجمهوري العزيز على الحركة
(العفوية الغير مقصوده ) في مهرجان الطائف
تقبلوا اعتذاري ..

The tweet read:

I am most apologetic to our honorable government and my dear president for the spontaneous movement I made in the Ta’if Festival. Accept my apology.

The arrest of the singer has caused a controversy on social media as thousands of Saudi users debated whether he should face punishment or not.

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