VIDEO: Here Are 5 Amazing Movies You Should See This Weekend

VIDEO: Here Are 5 Amazing Movies You Should See This Weekend

Most times the weekend gets so boring that we wish to get ourselves back to the office to work, work and work!

Boredom is a bad thing, very bad. But there are actually amazing ways to kick boredom outta your weekends!

One of those ways is seeing amazing movies.

There’s a huge difference between “watching a film” that ends up being an added headache and seeing a movie that relaxes you of the week’s stress. Smiles…

Do you wanna have a relaxing weekend? Alright, I got you! Here are 5 amazing movies you could see this weekend to relax and get eased from the week’s stress:

  1.  Ghost in Banana Island

“Banana Island Ghost” tells the story of a ghost, Patrick, who doesn’t want to go to heaven because he doesn’t have a soulmate. He convinces God to give him three days to fall in love and granting his request, God pairs him with the hard to love Ijeoma (Chigurl).

Watch trailer below:


2. Taxi Driver (Oko Ashewo)

Taxi Driver is a film centered on working in Lagos at night, as a taxi Driver. It narrates the story of Adigun (Femi Jacobs), a 31-year-old naive village mechanic who comes to Lagos for the first time after the sudden death of his estranged father, who was a taxi driver. Taiwo (Odunlade Adekola), his father’s fellow taxi driver helps Adigun to navigate the Lagos and get accustomed to the streets. Adigun has to cope with dealing with the odd people he comes across working at night; from Delia (Grace Ijeoma Agu), a prostitute, to Kakanfo (Hafeez Oyetoro), the unseen vigilante, and to the notorious assassins called “three wise men”.

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Watch trailer below:


3. Figurine (Araromire)

Figurine tells the story of two friends who find a mystical sculpture that bestows good luck for seven years but has dark consequences in the years that follow those.

watch trailer below:


4. ’76’

76, formerly Lions of ’76, is a 2016 Nigerian historical fiction drama which tells the story of a young officer from the Middle Belt who gets into a romantic relationship with an O-level student from the South-eastern region. However, their relationship is strained by constant military postings. The soldier gets accused of being involved in the 1976 unsuccessful military coup and assassination of General Murtala Mohammed, and the heavily pregnant wife gets entangled in an emotional dilemma.

Watch trailer below:

5. My Wife & I

My Wife & I tells the story of love and marriage. Ebere (Omoni Oboli) and Toyosi (Ramsey Nouah) have been married for 17 years and have two teenagers. Ebere is a career woman/strict mother while Toyosi is a farmer/cool dad. They hit a bump in their relationship and at the insistence of their parents, go to pastor Theophilus (Seyi Law) for counseling.

Watch trailer below: