Types Of Women To Marry (1)


Marriage goals for men is to have a woman they can love, cherish, hold and  support. I am going to give men a starting point for the types of women I feel are a good consideration to marry. Of course what I am about to list is no guarantee of a good woman, but should be used as a foundational or basic guide of what she can look like emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and personality-wise.

Here are 7 types of women every man should marry:
1. Submitted to God – If a woman is submitted to and passionate about living for God, she will be the same to you, assuming you’re a man submitted to God. There is something special about a woman who truly serves God- she shows that same passion for her family.

2. A Selfless Woman – A selfless woman will understand the importance of working together, sharing, devotion, and commitment for the right reasons. Her motives will be to help make life a little better for you. She will understand that dying to self doesn’t mean she does not love herself. A selfless woman would put her man first after God.
3. A Simple and Low Maintenance Woman – A low maintenance woman tends to be focused on the truly important things in life. I’ve found them to be non-clingy, very rational, and supportive. She won’t care about how much money you have or don’t have. She will like you for who you are and is not looking for what you can do for her. She accepts you freely because she is comfortable in who she is. She is more about becoming a better woman than just appearing to be a good woman.

4. A Woman Who Can Truly Be Your Best Friend –  Do you know that friendship before love is always best before a serious relationship?. Yes! I would even advice that you choose a wife amongst your female friends.

To be continued next week.

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