Tips To Improve Health Substantially

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Here are 7 diet and lifestyle hacks that will help you to substantially improve your health.

If you are used to having BAD stomach problems and TONS of inflammation. after implementing these little changes, they will disappear.

1. Switch from bread to riceImage result for bread and rice

This is the MOST IMPORTANT hack on this list. That’s why it’s number 1. This hack will cut your stomach problems down by ~80% all by itself and massively improve your health.

You would be amazed how magical this one tip is.

You know us humans aren’t designed to eat grains, right? Most of us have allergies to it. Hence the gluten-free craze. Bread is pigeon food. When we eat it, our intestines cry out in pain, inflammation shoots up, brain fog increases, and we basically just feel crappy.

But rice on the other hand… Specifically Japanese sticky white rice. That does our bodies a world of good. If you need any further convincing as to the benefits of white rice, look to one of the healthiest, longest-living populations in the world.

2. Follow the Wim Hof MethodImage result for wim hof method

Not enough people know about Wim’s course (although the number definitely is growing). It is the best course to follow.

It’s a combination of breathing techniques, cold water therapy, and stretches that will sort your mind and your immune system out.

Our body’s state is tied with our mental state and Wim’s course will massively reduce anxiety and worry, thus resulting in a better working body.

There’s also tons of studies that show how cold water therapy can reduce inflammation and so on.

3. Cut caffeine down (and have it with food)Image result for cutting down caffeine with foodIf you’re a chronic caffeine addict, you might wanna consider cutting it down.

At the very least, have your morning coffee with some food.

The acid in the coffee is very harsh (even worse if you have energy drinks) and it can really tax your empty stomach. Even if it’s just a protein shake and some fruit, having some food with your caffeine can really make your body feel better.

4. Vegetable juiceImage result for health

This is another top hack. When I drink vegetable juice regularly, your stomach problems are non-existent. But if you go a couple of days without green juice, they start to return.

We just aren’t getting enough vegetables in our diet (and probably couldn’t even if we tried). So the simplest solution is to blend a bunch of them up and drink them down.

Benefits of drinking vegetable juice include:

  • No brain fog
  • Feeling cleaner
  • Feeling more awake
  • Better joints, less inflammation, less aches
  • Clearer skin (vegetable juice is a million times better than a moisturiser)

5. More (and better quality) sleepImage result for sleepDon’t be a hero.

There is a huge difference in overall health when you get 8 hours sleep as opposed to 5 hours sleep.

90% of people who say they can’t afford to sleep more than 5 hours are just painfully inefficient. It’s like when someone complains that they’re soooooo busy. I used to buy it. Now I just know they’re disorganized.

Anyways, if you’re gonna insist on operating at less-than-optimal amounts of sleep, Is HIGHLY recommended that you get an app called:

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Normal alarms wake you up at a certain time but don’t take into account that you might be in deep sleep, thus making it more startling to wake up. You wake up with a jolt of adrenaline and cortisol and spend the rest of the day feeling fatigued.

Most people don’t even realize they live this way.

But this app wakes you up in your lightest stage of sleep (by analyzing your movements with your phone’s accelerometer).

This means you wake up feeling refreshed rather than defeated.

In addition to this app, It is found that, the best way to get a great night’s sleep is by doing the following:

  • Wim Hof breathing and cold therapy every day
  • Drink vegetable juice every day (or as much as possible)
  • No caffeine after 2pm (if you wanna be asleep before midnight)
  • Exercise everyday (weights 4 times a week, cardio every day in the form of walking or jogging)

Another tip for getting a good night’s sleep is to have some carbs right before bed. They typically slow you down during the day but you can get a real benefit from a sugar crash and elevated serotonin levels (from tryptophan) by eating your carbs before hitting the pillow.

6. Eliminate DairyImage result for dairyMan, I love dairy.

I love ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate milk.

But dairy is the bane of most peoples existence.

Every time you indulge and eat stuff like this:

You know your stomach’s in for a trip to cramp city.

So it’s a simple solution: stop eating the crap you know your body can’t handle (dairy being one of the most common offenders).

If you need some other options, here are two options that work just as well:

  • Unsweetened almond milk to make protein shakes
  • Coconut milk to make your own ice cream or treats

In addition to the stretches that are a part of Wim’s course, I recommend you invest in a foam roller and follow the belly massage routine outlined by Elliott Hulse below.

7. StretchImage result for stretch

Belly Massage For Tight Abs

It’s painful when you’re doing it but it’s sooooo worth it.

Use a foam roller on your thighs. Seriously, you’d be amazed how many knots we carry in our thigh muscles and how amazing it feels to unravel them.



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