Step-By-Step Procedure On Pubic Hair Shave

5 Pubic Hair Myths You Should Stop Believing

Pubic shaving was first praticed in Egypt where the women who were involved in sex trade would shave so as to be clean and prepared for their partners.

However, it is still practiced now, not only by sex traders but most people to depict good hygiene.

Unlike the ancient times, when unsterilized objects were used to shave, now there are several modern ways of removing hair from the pubic region without been infected. Although, the usage of razor blade seem to be the most common.

This art of shaving is sexy and trendy especially for models. In all, it is to be done gently to avoid excess bleeding.

Here is the step by step Procedure

1.) If you are new to this, I advice that you shorten the pubic hairs first with small sharp scissors before attempting to shave.

2.) After that, soften the hair by taking a hot bath or damp your towel with warm water and moisten the hairs with it.

3.) If you have a Foam up with a shaving gel that is designed for the pubic area(take note, not all gels are to be used because of the sensitivity of that region and the chemicals used in production). Using your hands, stretch the skin upwards tightly and shave in an upwards direction.

4.) After shaving, gently rinse off the area with cold water.

6.) Use a gentle moisturizer to calm that region rather than using POWDER.

7.) Remember that a complete shave could mean increased risk to Sexual Transmitted Diseases.

Live healthy, be hygienic.

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