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    ‘Everything got started in Him and find its purpose in Him’ Colossians 1:16 (MSG)
    Have you ever wondered why you seem confused on what to do next when you’ve embarked on a project? It’s like you can’t even remember why you started it in the first place.

    There’s always a lot to get involved in so quickly without considering how we would get through to the end.
    You take a new job, get into a new relationship, start a business, embark on a journey, whatever the case might be. You just want to get something started.
    Well, it’s typical for us as humans not to consider the ‘how’ because everything that will happen beyond that first decision can’t be seen. No one knows tomorrow.
    But there should be something or someone that guarantees you at the beginning of that project or relationship, that something that would keep you going regardless. That’s Purpose.

    However, a lot of people spend their lives searching for their purpose; in marriage, in relationships, career, projects, business and so on because of how they started.
    At the beginning of anything you want to embark upon, it is advised that you know why you’re starting and who you’re starting in.
    Whatever you start in would eventually define the purpose of what you’re doing.
    If you start anything without God, you shouldn’t expect God to help you define its purpose. If you start anything without your friends, how do you expect them to define its purpose for you?

    I can’t ask someone who wasn’t carried along to help me determine what’s next.
    You can have that great idea for a business, that awesome young lady you’ll love to marry or that handsome guy that sweeps you off your feet but if you start without a purpose and in someone that can help define your purpose, you’ve just started your journey with yourself.
    You owe it to yourself to make it work but if you started with God and through Him, you got involved in that project or relationship, you would find your purpose in Him and He would be with you throughout that journey.

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    I’ll prefer to get started with God because I can already see those things I’ve been struggling with and not confident to tell God about it because I started without God.

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