Social Media Love


Gone are the days when wives were chosen for their husbands by old men and women. Those days when women were forced to be bethrothed to men living in the city or outside the country.
Thse days when women were given to men they never liked as an exchange for what their fathers bought but couldn’t pay back.
Those days are wiped off now and every one is allowed to make a choice of their own.
Relationships on social media was rare before, because everyone was thinking that the other person could be evil or a witch (as religious people would say.
Now, social media such as facebook, twitter, linked-in and the likes are helping people with their ling-searched missing-rib.
Asides that, almost on every blog, you would see a corner assigned for those looking for who to ‘hook up with’. You will see things like-
Searching for friendship with the opposite sex, click here
Date a foreign man/ woman, click here
Want a sugar mummy, click here

As an ardent reader and follower of marriage and relationships, i have read about couples that met on social media and are enjoying their relationships.
For some, they just sent a friend’s request to the other, enjoyed the conversation and exchanged contact. Others said, they just saw a friend of another friend on social media, picked interest and started up something.
Amidst all this, the social media has also caused havoc to the lives of many. All in the name of relationship, lot have lost their lives but all i can say is this- If you think there is nothing wrong with it, you could go ahead to CLICK that like button or add friend button.
Take note, even as you follow your heart, take your brain along.



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