Simple Things You Can’t Do During Your Last Trimester

Simple Things You Can't Do During Your Last Trimester

Congrats on your baby bump!

Enjoy this early stages of your pregnancy while it lasts because as your pregnancy progresses you may find that there are some things you just can’t do on your own.



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Walking without waddling

Walking becomes funny just like when penguins are walking. Walking becomes waddling in late pregnancy and you would feel tired very often.

Making it through a conversation without yawning

You yawn your way through the day and often apologise for doing it. It’s not that you find others boring, but growing a human is hard work.

Getting some beauty sleep

After yawning the day away, your bed may feel magical as your head hits the pillow. However, your moment of bliss is zapped by karate kicks from inside your belly. It’s a long night of tossing and turning as you struggle to sleep.

Squeezing your feet into high heels

You would have to get new slippers and shoes or get ready to squeeze your fat feet into your shoes. Swollen feet are a problem, so opt for a pair of flip-flops that are one size bigger.

Wearing anything other than leggings

Yoga pants and tracksuit pants are not meant for you in this period because your expanding belly would be at war with those pants. Just opt for leggings so you can feel free and comfortable.

Picking things up off the floor

Picking things up off the floor when you dropped things on the floor would definitely be difficult, even when that happens, you would contemplate on whether you really need to pick it up or wait for someone else to help you with it. If you have no one around to help you with it and you really need to pick it up, learn to master the side pick-up. Stand next to the object, bend your knees and reach out to the side.

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Driving comfortably

Driving late during your pregnancy can be a little problematic. Your belly continuously rubs against the steering wheel while the seatbelt cuts awkwardly around your belly, thereby, making you so uncomfortable.

Feeling emotionally stable

Your hormones are all over the show! Anything and everything piss you off. The silly toilet paper with puppies has you in tears. Just blame it on the hormones and move on!