Shy Ladies: Sure Ways To Ask Bae For Money

Shy Ladies: Sure Ways To Ask Bae For Money

Shy girl, why are you in that relationship if your partner can not support you once in a while?

If he is financially stable or has constant cash in-flow from time to time, brush yourself up and ask for money from him.

However you just need to use the right approach so that when next you want to ask him for money, you will do that with all confidence.

Here are 7 ways to ask your bae for money:

1. Just ask him.

Asking is not the issue but hearing ‘no’ from him. If you want to get money from him, you sure know that you need to give him a tangible reason except he wants to impress you or make you happy.


2. If he says no, guilt trip him a little.

If he says ‘No’, entice him, persuade him, tell him how much the money would mean to you and how happy it would make you.


3. Get him drunk.

You must have known what keeps him in high-spirit, for some, clubbing does the magic while for others, drinking.

If he has drunk to his fill, you can pop the question.


4. Bet with him.

There’s nothing like a good bet that would make a man feel challenged. Make sure to bet on something you’re good at and know you would never lose. Collect your gains.


5. Walk around the house half naked.

If you’re living with him, always learn ways and means to keep his testosterone high and when a man’s testosterone is high, his happy hormones are activated and whatever you demand comes easy.


6. Remind him of the things you do for him.

Sometimes you just need to remind your man that both of you are in a relationship and sometimes one has to do things for the other person that they wouldn’t normally do.


7. Respect yourself.

You can’t come cheap and expect to be treated expensive, it doesn’t work that way. Take him on a date sometimes, help him with his bills, treat him well, and if he’s got money he’ll probably be more generous with you.