Religion, Nigeria’s Soothing Cancer – Peculyachi (Motivational Speaker/Activist)

    Peculyachi and Nigeria soothing cancer

    “Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray for Nigeria, Pray for her leaders” this is now an inevitable chant in every prayer session held in almost all Religious centers.

    While the worshippers shake their heads vigorously, stomp their feet with all of newton’s force, the leaders happily loot with all power and might.

    Prayers have always been offered on behalf of Nigeria to the Gods of several religions present in Nigeria (both seen and unseen) since the amalgamation and yet it never gets better.

    Have you ever wondered how we moved from $1=N1 to 1$=N390, it seems like a dollar is added to the exchange rate for every batch of prayers offered. Surely these very high authorities have a way of answering prayers, I wonder if they are engrossed in a raving dispute on how to get it down, and absolutely forgot Nigerians are patiently waiting, or perhaps our fate is in our hands, don’t you think?

    The ball has always been in our court, but we have been scared to play for the fear of bruises, we have instead held the ball and fervently prayed for it to move, and meander its way through our opponents into the opposing court.

    As humans, Mother Nature gifted us something she gave to no other being. I.e.: A heart with emotions and Brain with a high Function. We feel the pain of the atrocities been committed every single day by our leaders, but however run to religion for relief, but what we have failed to recognize is that the relief has become the cancer and is gradually eating deep in to the system.

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    The prayers actually provide a pseudo-soothing relief for the pain (Faith), but the atrocities still remain and in-fact increases by the day.

    Religion has influenced the collective mindset of people, to the point where every occurrence (both negative and positive) in Nigeria is termed “the will of God”. Religion has also turned Nigerians against themselves, preoccupied each with the duty of defending political leaders with same religious preference blinding them to the atrocities of these same, blinded to the fact that the circle of leadership has been the same since amalgamation, while we fight, they happily loot again, in the same vain, electoral processes have always been influenced by religious leaders giving rise to the election of religion’s choice in the stead of the citizen’s choice. Religious books are used for swearing in during inauguration of political leaders, well these have proven to be in-effective.

    I do not in any way ask that we drop our religion, it is not in my power to do that, I only urge us to break the bounds it has created and Until we accept that our fate is in our hands and push instead of praying, Nigeria might never get the real soothing relief it desperately needs.