Reasons Why You Have V*ginal Pimples

Reasons Why You Have V*ginal Pimples

I’m sure we all know that pimples are not restricted to the face. They also show up in unexpected and unwanted areas in your body such as the back, chest and your Vagina.

You ain’t surprised, right?

According to dermatologist Angela Lamb, M.D. although “patients find it alarming as they think that you can only get pimples on your face, chest or back, you can actually get pimples anywhere where you have oil glands on your body.” Including your vagina.

Here are the reasons below:


According to Lamb, hair removal is often the number-one culprit for vaginal pimples. “We are covered in bacteria on our skin,” she explains. “So anytime you create an irritation”—like ripping out your hair with hot wax—“that creates a portal for bacteria to enter.”

When you shave your pubic hair, there is a high tendency that pimples will show up.

“When you shave, you’re making little, tiny micro-cuts, which can actually introduce bacteria from the outside,” Lamb says.


“Any time you sweat or have a buildup of moisture, that can create a petri dish for bacteria to grow,” says Lamb.

The best thing to do when you sweat or after a hard day’s job, is to have a shower. When you take a bath, you keep sweat and bacteria from accumulating in your pubic region.


Wearing tight and restricted clothing can lead to vaginal pimples because it traps moisture and there wouldn’t be free flow of air into your pubic region.

“To treat vaginal pimples, you can get prescription topical or oral antibiotics,” says Lamb. “Other things are using benzoyl peroxide washes.”

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But if you notice bumps in your vaginal reason, it also might be a good idea to go see your doctor since Lamb warns, “What sometimes people think are pimples are in fact other things like milial cysts, epidermal inclusion cysts, or genital warts.”