Public Breastfeeding: A Yay or Nay


Br*ast milk is always recommended for infants as food because it contains all that is needed for their growth and well-being. The br*ast is a part of the body that is designed to be “private”.

Private, in the sense that, it is to be seen by the spouse and child alone but now, it is the CYNOSURE of all eyes.

Although br*astfeeding in public tends to be controversial because nursing mothers wouldn’t like to keep the baby hungry. Some even think that putting a blanket over a child during the process could draw more attention to them.

I have heard of mothers getting nasty looks and comments when br*astfeeding in public.

It is not illegal to br*ast feed anywhere but it has a degree of shock value, especially to the opposite when exposed.

Here are some tips on how to breastfeed in public:

  • Choose comfortable clothes, if possible sew specially made nursing clothes that have openings to make br*astfeeding easier.
  • You could use a sling/ shawl/ wrap. With any of the covers, you could even walk around while feeding your baby.
  • Use an easy-access bra that you can simply pull down
  • Pick up a good spot to breastfeed(away from the eyes of people), a place that is less visible to the general public.

Remember that to br*astfeed your baby, you have to be comfortable and have a positive attitude.



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