ProtectPax-Worlds’ Best Invisible Smart Phone Protection


Today our smart devices are an expensive investment and dear to us and that’s why we believe we should protect their screens from scratches and cracks. The cost of replacing the screen is often a significant expense. The risks are everywhere. All you have to do is to put it your phone into your pants pocket once, where your keys are already in place. Out comes your phone with an ugly scratch. The same with your handbag — the glass screen is easily scratched when it comes in contact with any other objects. Even loose change can scratch your phone.

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Although screen protectors are available and prefabricated in standard screen sizes, they are often difficult to install. They may also develop unattractive air bubbles under the film over time. With the ProtectPax innovative liquid glass, however, you get the screen protection that your smart device needs, to make it durable for many more years to come.

Liquid glass is an ingenious technical process, originally developed for the aviation and aerospace industry. It makes glass much more resistant and more durable. You simply apply the liquid on your smart device display and it’s done. After drying, the liquid turns shiny and strengthens the screen, protecting it from both scratches and cracks.

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The liquid glass consists of titanium dioxide nanoparticles which close the microscopic wells on the glass. Your screen is now more uniform than when it left the factory. After drying, ProtectPax is as hard as sapphire or ruby and acts like an optical filter. You will also enjoy even more sharpened contrasts and richer colors. ProtectPax will make your screen smooth.

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