Postpartum Care: What To Do After A V*ginal Delivery

Postpartum Care: What To Do After A V*ginal Delivery

From the first or second day, the mother should follow normal bathing habits. She can have showers and wash her hair, but she should not take her bath with cold water so she doesn’t contract an infection.

The genital zone should be bathed carefully in the same way that it was done In the hospital until the perianal wound has completely healed.

Tepid boiled water should be used two or three times daily and the areas should be dried with a sterile gauze and a cream prescribed by the doctor should be applied.

 If the woman is nursing, she should clean her breasts.

Besides the daily shower, her breasts should be washed with boiled water before and after each feed. The area should be wiped with a wet cloth not a sponge and dried.


The woman should reduce her intake of sweets, fried foods and fat in general. She should eat foods which are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals; legumes especially soy products, vegetables, lots of fresh fruit, milk products and eggs, wheat and honey.

In order to avoid constipation, she should eat products with high fibre: vegetables, whole grain cereals, bread and crackers and if necessary, prunes and raisins.

She should drink a lot of fluids: a supplement of half a litre of skimmed milk everyday, natural fruit juices without added sugar and pure water between meals.


They should not be forgotten. Ask the doctor anything which you wish to know and do not leave with doubts. Listen to the advice of your gynaecologist, along with that of your child’s paediatrician.

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Take time to relax. If you nurse your baby, this is a good time: sit comfortably, make sure that you do not think about all there is to do, watch how your child enjoys his feeding and enjoy it with him.


Take care of yourself. Go to the hairdresser if you normally do so, shave or wax(whichever you prefer)and care for your nails and your skin. Wear clothing which is comfortable and attractive.