Places Ladies Loves To Visit


Women are very wonderful and fearfully made creatures, who loves constant communication with other women, so as to keep up with being trendy in the society they live in. Here is a list of places women love to visit:


This is very important on her visiting list, some women take delight in visiting the salon as often as possible, whether they want to get their hair done, nails or lashes fixed. You get to meet other girls, and trust me, the gist is always super juicy.


It’s in the salon you’ll hear about the man who’s cheating on his wife or the woman who has a sugar boy. One of the reasons, women could spend a whole day in a salon.


This is something we ladies love, especially the single ones. We all know bachelors would be there, so you could get hooked up, or meet other interesting people. Truth be told, most of us go to feed our eyes, to quench our curiosity, how is the wedding going to be? Expensive? Classy? Or totally dull?

Some mean ones, begin to compare the dress of the bride with that of another bride and it gets uglier.

Going for weddings also helps them to keep abreast with the fashion world, another reason they wouldn’t get enough of pictures.


Women love shopping, it’s one of the keys to their hearts. Most women love going to boutiques? Who doesn’t want to look good?

Another thing you should consider is embarrassment. Remember, it is important to choose a spouse you’d be proud of. If you can cope with an illiterate one, fine and good, but how would you feel if they are asked to give a speech at a function? How would you show them off to people?





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