Mixed Feelings About Olajumoke’s Look On House Of Maliq April Cover


Not sure what House of Maliq’s stylist wanted to achieve with Olajumoke Orisaguna’s look on the magazine’s April issue cover but the pictures are not pleasing to the eyes.

When I came across the blond look they were trying to achieve with the bread seller turned model, it was alarming how they didn’t seem to notice that the style they tried to pull off didn’t work for her.

The magazine shared a first look at Olajumoke alongside, Rosy Meurer, a Nollywood actress. Blond seemed to be the highlight here for Olajumoke and the actress, Olajumoke was dressed in an unflattering blue high embellished neck blouse with huge puffed sleeves tucked into a feather skirt wearing a lilac smokey eye and orange lips with her hair packed in ’70s inspired curls in blonde! (Pulse)

The Nollywood actress looked better, in a simple long black dress and a braided blond hair. The second shot had flowers placed on their heads.

What do you think of the style?

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