These Men Will Clip The Feather Of The Eagle To Fester Their Own Nest


    Sometime ago , a political and constitutional crisis was unhindered on our political climate with the demise of the late Yar Adua . The North fought to prevent the fisherman VP to ascend the throne which the constitution guaranteed him . They fought like wounded lions spearheaded by the wife of the late President and after the rain of political madness was unleashed, common sense prevailed and President Jonathan emerged.

    Here again , just after eight years or so , it seems history is about to repeat itself in an ugly way . This time not by death but by an incapacitated sitting President . The vacuum seems to be created if feelers coming through is true , the 2017 budget is yet to be signed and it looks like they are about to prevent the Southern VP to do that . Which in itself is a big bruise and rape of our constitution.

    This will signal that , if by event the President is no more which no one wishes him, the VP will be prevented to assume office as they will tear down the constitution to achieve that .

    Like Chief Femi Fani-Kayode rightly said , ” They will give Vice President Osibanjo an ultimatum and they will threatened him and ask him to resign. They have resolved that they will not allow power to go the South and they will encourage their senior in the military to effect a coup . They are prepare to kill anyone , no matter how highly placed , who stand in their way or who attempts to oppose or stop them . This will lead to massive loss of lives and to civil war and it is therefore unacceptable ” .

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    I hope the Eagle in our coat of arm will keep on living . I hope these selfish men will not clip the feather of the Eagle to fester their own interest . Because if that is done , the green in the land will become desolate and the horses of defense will be gone in their flight . Maybe this union will then become a shadow .

    Innocent Tino
    Writes from New York