Medview Airline Plane Suspends Midair Due To Faulty Engine


It was one scary ride for the passengers that flew Medview Airline on Tuesday when a flight from Lagos to Abuja was suspended midair as a result of a faulty engine.

Oladejo Olowu, a passenger on the flight said some of the passengers raised concerns about the plane before take off but the pilot and the crew assured the passengers that the plane was in good condition.

The plane, with flight number VL 2102, confirmed their fears a few minutes after take-off and the flight had to make a U-turn back to the Lagos Airport due to more issues.

“They want to kill over 100 passengers with their faulty plane” a distressed Olowu, told Premium Times in Lagos.

The faulty plane was scheduled to get to Abuja before a final journey to Yola, Adamawa State. According to reports, Only yesterday, a Boeing 737 aircraft belonging to Air Peace suffered a burst tyre while preparing for take-off at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos.

The aviation sector would be thrown under scrutiny with these rising issues.



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