Man Commits Suicide After Beating Up His Mother


A 23-year-old man has committed suicide in Yola, Adamawa state over family dispute. Musa Fedelis had allegedly beaten his mother on Tuesday, causing injury to her left arm following a minor ‎disagreement before hanging himself.

When his siblings reacted angrily and threatened to relocate his mother from the house, he became enraged and rushed to his room where he remained for unusually long time. .

When his family members realised that he overstayed in his room, they forced the door open and found his lifeless body dangling from the roof.‎ Neighbours described the deceased as an alcoholic who fought almost everybody on the day he committed suicide. .

“He wounded his mother by dislocating her left hand,” a neighbour said. ‎An uncle to Musa, Ali Hassan, said that the deceased had been behaving strangely and passing death threats to his family members.‎‎

Meanwhile, an elder sister to the deceased who sought for anonymity said a pregnant lady had recently came to the family compound, claiming Musa impregnated her.

This leaves the room for the question of the day. How much effort does parents put in, in the upbringing of their children/ward(s)?. Parents need to do more work in properly bringing up their children/ward(s) for their own good and the good of the society instead of producing a generation of nuisances to the society at large.

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