Love – What Do You Think?


The world is a twisted place with so many phases, but as everyone is entitled to their opinion, so do I. The word ‘LOVE’ has been overused and subjected to a meaningless condition of undesired fate. Subjected to unbearable ridicule by humans. Let’s quit the forest and get back to civilization.

Like every other girl, I’ve been captured by this confusion about what love is and what It’s not but how long will people’s experience overshadow my quest for this real understanding but I’ve learned and its the hard way.

I thought love was supposed to conquer all things, it is actually true but what is love? Love they say is patient,  kind, beareth all things and many more… How many feelings can attest to this? How many girls like me care about been patient? Don’t you see guys that say they love you can’t wait to dig out the treasure under your skirt? All they care about is their desires and is love not selfless?

Well, I don’t think love would make me disobey, let loose, get into trouble, and become stubborn, I guess there is a hidden word before love apart from lust. My friend, I hope this love makes us do the right things…



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