Letter To My College Love ( Happy Womens Day)


Dearest blue eye love as I used to call you
Sitting here writing this peom for you
Brings back sweet memories lost in time
Those gigles we share across the classroom
You sitting afar from me in the noisy space
Divided by fractured wobbling brown desk
Where young lovers scribble words on
With blue , black and red pen
I smiled believing you are just fine as a woman
Right now

My eyes lightened as I remembered how
We used to hold hands and walk home after School in the hard rain
Taking shelter under broken corrugated zinc Sheets
In falling and cracked-wall buildings
Stealing kisses from your young lips
Smiling to the heavens thinking we’ll be so
We had no cares in the world
Our head lost in the clouds
Everything was possible, we believed so
I hope your kids are happy

You are now a woman
Be strong and love your husband and kids
Stand for them the way you did for me
Protect him like you did me
Your uniform was always spotless
Keep your home spotless
You never loved money
Yes do not now , but love him and who he is
You told me you’ll die for me
Now die for him
Even if you never loved him
Grow your love now for him
For love grows

Dearest blue eye love
Stay in peace with him
Be a virtuos woman and don’t be moved
By the things that some women do in the street
Don’t be moved by her shinning objects
Take courage in your kids
Fall and rise up again
Build your home
Be satisfy with his manhood
And only rest in his embrace
Today I wish you happy womens day.

CREDIT: Innocent Tino



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