My Kitchen: Multi- Eba And Ofe Onugbu

    My Kitchen: Multi- Eba And Ofe Onugbu
    Have you heard about Ofe Onugbu{bitter leaf soup}? It is common amongst the eastern part of Nigeria.
    It’s name ‘bitter leaf soup’ is derived from the fact that it is extremely  bitter unless it is thoroughly washed.
     How to make Ofe Onugbu (Bitter leaf soup)
    Prep Time:  
    15 mins
    Total Time: Over an hour
    Serves:   4-6 people
    •3 handfuls Bitter leaf
    • 1 cooking spoon Cocoyam (Ede ofe)
    • 1 tsp. Ogiri (local flavor enhancer)
    • 600g Red Beef
    • 500g Assorted meat: Tripe, Ponmo – Optional
    • 1 Cup Periwinkles (Isam) – Optional
    • Stock fish/ Dry Fish
    • 1 Red scotch bonnet pepper – diced
    • 2 cooking spoon Palm oil
    • 1 cooking spoon Crayfish
    •2 Seasoning cubes
    •Salt to taste
    Step 1: The major misconception about this soup is that it’s bitter. In actual fact, it’s not meant to be bitter if prepared well. The first thing to do is to wash the bitter leaf by hand thoroughly to remove the bitter taste. A shortcut to this would be to place it in a pot and boil for 10mins. While doing this, make sure the pot is left uncovered otherwise it’d bubble out. Once you’re done boiling, strain with a sieve and rinse severally with cold water. Squeeze off excess water – Set Aside.
    Step 2: Place the Washed beef, assorted meat, Periwinkles (Isam), Stock fish/ Dry Fish, pepper in a medium sized pot, add some salt and boil with little water for 15 mins. Pour some more water just enough to cover the content of the pot.
    Step 3: Check for salt and add more if necessary, add the crushed seasoning and ogiri into the pot and mix. Leave to boil for 5mins till the liquid in the pot starts to bubble.
    Step 4: Gently add the Cocoyam paste, leave to dissolve in the bubbling liquid. Remember, the cocoyam being used is the non-edible type that draws and not the edible type that can be boiled and eaten like yam. As it boils, it’d begin to thicken. Add the palm oil and Crayfish – Leave to thicken further.
    Step 5: By now you should notice a considerable reduction in the volume of liquid in the pot. Gently add the washed bitter leaf and mix to incorporate. Leave to boil further for 10mins more before turning off the burner. Serve hot with your favorite swallow
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