Innocent Tino’s Open Letter To Funmi Iyanda On Nigerian Inferiority To ‘Oyibo Tboss’


“Goodmorning Aunty Funmi Iyanda , it’s been a while though . It seems your show is not commanding rating anymore hence I hardly see it or you are no longer on Tv. Maybe you sense a broken edge and like a serpent you feel you needed to bite , so as to bring you back to limelight or to put you again in the discourse map.

Aunty Iyanda , you said Nigerians are inferior before white people I think that is true with you . Because I remembered sometime ago when I was growing up and was watching your show on NTA , you used to be dark and now you are ‘oyinbo’ so I agree with you . You seems to suffer from inferiority complex but not all Nigerians are like you .

You went a little further to say Tboss is the most superior and intelligent in the house . Aunty I hope you did not take some alcohol before you did your post . I will pardon you anyway because you said you never followed the show until on Sunday and I am confused how a very ‘ intelligent lady ‘ like you will jump into hasty conclusions about something you know nothing about as you said . Between the Nigerians you try to shade , who is more clever …you that never watched the show but concluded and those who watched ? I will need to go back and see your old shows again on Tv because you would have aired many erroneous programs so that we can correct them for future generations that will watched them , if your judgement is this flawed.

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Bisola, Kemen, Bally, Uriel, Efe, etc are all power houses of intelligence. You need to tender an unreserved apology for this abuse to these people .

Finally , Aunty Funke , if sophisticated Nigerian women are to be mentioned , no one remembers you . We only did today because of this jaundiced post of yours .

May God bless us all.”