House Helps: 7 Things Every Couple Should Know About House Helps | Must Read

House Helps: 7 Things Every Couple Should Know About House Helps | Must Read

Having a house help is a reality that couples must contend with. Indeed, house helps could be described as a necessary evil. At a certain point in the marriage, it may be necessary to obtain a helping hand to enable the wife to be free to do other important things, e.g., attend functions, place of worship, work, etc.

Here are seven things every couple should know about house helps:

  1. The phenomenon of house helps is one that many find very difficult to handle. You must learn about it.
  2. Many house helps come untrained and are sometimes unruly. They must, therefore, be trained and even tamed.
  3. The wife is the one who will usually deal with the help. She must thus be fair and firm in their dealings.
  4. Know that the female house helps may pose a sexual danger in the house for your husband. As such you must take certain precautions and institute some measures:       a) Let her dress properly, e.g., wear bras, no wearing of sexy shorts, transparent nighties, etc.                                                                                                           b) When the house help is male, the wife must be careful about the things she wears in his presence.                                                                                                             c) The female house help must not replace the wife in any way as a gradual replacement in any form can become a permanent (total) replacement.                        d) Because service is beautiful, when the house help continues to do it for your husband, she gradually becomes attractive to him.
  5. Don’t easily dismiss stories of affairs between a husband and the maid. These things happen, they are real.
  6. Some house helps come into the home with the agenda to take over. this may be physical or spiritual, hence you must be very careful and spiritual in choosing one.
  7. In spite of all the negative things that cab said about house helps, a good one is very helpful for your continued activity in other areas of life and also help you to fulfill all your other roles.
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