Healthy Sleep, Happy Days


Somnox is the first non-medicinal solution to sleep deprivation in the form of a soft robotic that actively helps you sleep.

Somnox enables you to fall asleep more easily, experience more deep sleep and wake up more energized.Image result for SOMNOX


Breathing Regulation
Somnox can simulate breathing, just like a mammal. It registers your sleeping state and adjusts its sleeping rhythm to a peaceful state. In this way you’ll be able to feel the proper breathing rhythm and adapt to it yourself. Fall asleep in 1,2,3…

Bedtime Stories
Somnox has bluetooth speakers built-in. In this way it can play every song you want to fall asleep. It can even tell you bedtime stories! It stops playing as soon as you fall asleep. In the morning it can play your favorite alarm sound or music.Image result for SOMNOXWake Up With the Sun
In the morning Somnox will wake you up with a rising sun. By emitting a gradually increasing light, you’ll wake up in a natural way. Waking up just got easy.

Sleeping is important. Sleep is the basis for a good overall health. A good night of sleep is a must to have good day. Somnox will assure that everyone gets the chance of having that perfect night of sleep.

[Source Somnox]



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