Health: Reasons Your Morning Breath Reeks So bad

Health: Reasons Your Morning Breath Reeks So bad

Movies tend to paint the ‘wake up kiss’ so well on the big screen, but in reality, this is something to contend with.

The stale bad breathe is the reason behind brushing our teeth in the morning before we dare on getting close to anyone.

But why is morning breathe so smelly?

When there is a reduction in saliva production, the mouth tends to smell. Saliva normally clears out odor-causing bacteria so overnight, when we’re not producing enough of it, the smelly bugs can multiply.

The principle is this- The drier your mouth, the greater the chances of getting nasty morning breathe.

The next question is this: What causes mouth dryness?

Breathing through your mouth, snoring, and using certain medications can also contribute to dryness, which can make morning breath even worse.
Sometimes, your morning breathe may not be something to worry about except there is an underlying health problem.

It could be the first sign of gum disease, which is linked to heart disease and strokes, other times, it indicates an infection like an abscess or a gastrointestinal problem.

Anf if you want your breath to be less smelly in the morning, make sure to brush and floss carefully before you go to bed because leftover food particles provide an avenue for bacteria to react in your mouth overnight.

Talk to your doctor if you feel your breath is suddenly stinking more than expected, even after you brush before going to bed.