Health Benefits Of Smoothies


Drinking smoothies is a nutritious way to increase your fruit and vegetable consumption along with your intake of essential nutrients.

Although aware of the nutritious benefits of fruits and vegetables to the body, consuming the daily recommendations of fruits and vegetables can be a challenge. However, blending a couple of servings of each into a smoothie helps ensure you meet your body’s daily nutritional needs.

Alongside increasing your body’s intake of essential nutrients and minerals, smoothies (fruits and vegetables) strengthens your immune system and a whole lot of other benefits some of which are;

1. Hydration

Unlike fizzy drinks that dehydrate you, smoothies keep you hydrated all day long. Your body pulls water from the different fruits contained in the smoothie to keep you hydrated.

2. Detoxification

Due to our constant exposures to radiations and other manmade chemicals, there’s a need for us to detoxify every now and then and taking smoothies regularly will definitely help you detoxify, especially if you add detoxifying ingredients such as kale into your smoothie mix.

3. Weight loss

Mango-Rita smoothie

Lose weight the healthy way by cutting those carbs and incorporating smoothies into your everyday diet plan. A good number of weight-loss plans actually requires that you replace a meal with a liquid drink, preferably a smoothie. Taking smoothies in place of late night meals can help cut out all the weight gaining food from your diet, helping you lose weight easily and effortlessly.

4. Improved digestion

A good way of avoiding constipation is by taking smoothies.

Nobody wants to experience constipation or indigestion. So, ease the burden on your digestive system while you by consuming plenty of dietary fibre to ensure excellent digestion. Consuming these low-fat dairy products helps lower your risk for osteoporosis, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes as well.

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5. Reduce cravings

Smoothies provide a better way to cut off those cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods or substitute with a much more healthy alternative.

Credit: Pulse