Foods Nigerians Miss Most While Living Abroad(Photos)


There’s obviously, no place like home.

When you travel outside Nigeria, you have fun trying new food at your new environment but I bet you, after a while, you would definitely crave for Nigerian dishes. It is very difficult to smuggle Nigerian food abroad and even if you find one, it is very expensive.

Here are some Nigerian meals you would find yourself constantly craving.

1. Pounded Yam

2. Garri, cold water and groundnuts



3. Moin Moin


4. Ewa Agoyin

Ewa Goyin

5. Party Jollof 


6. Roasted corn

Roasted Corn and Pear

7. Akara and Puff Puff

8. Pomo 


9. Asun



10. Agege bread


11. Suya 


12. Indomie noodles

14. Nkwobi

Nkwobi recipe


If you are in Nigeria, enjoy what you have here before you go there.

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