First Bank Nigeria Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack


A young Man (Innocent Tino) took to his Facebook page to express his displeasure with the kind of services rendered to him by First Bank of Nigeria and how he could have gotten heart attack from an error supposed to be from the bank. Below are his expressions:

“First Bank Nigeria almost got me mad. I got an email from them this morning that someone was trying to access my internet banking account with them, but couldn’t because he wasn’t able to answer the security questions that I have . That I should call a number listed for them to sort it out or my internet banking will be made inaccessible.

Frantically, I made the call to their office and was told it was an error from them . That all of their internet banking customers got that message .

Then I asked the young lady why they didn’t deem it fit to resend a follow-up mail to inform all customers affected that it was an error . She just laughed and and asked me if there is anything more she can do for me .

This type of service is poor. Someone may have incured an heart failure from this or this may even cause death for some through heart attack.

This is not funny . Na money matter be this . First Bank Management should take note.”



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