Exfoliating Rules To Note

Exfoliating Rules To Note

Exfoliating should be done often to get rid of dead skin cells for an even, brighter and softer skin texture.

It’s a simple beauty technique where the upper (usually dead) skin layer on the face and body is taken off to reveal newer skin.

Exfoliation can be done often/daily at home (some products like scrubs and other exfoliants are gentle enough to be used daily).



1. It’s best done in the morning

It’s best to exfoliate in the morning/in the shower this way the skin is damp enough to work up products on and afterward washed or rinse as required.

2. Exfoliate once or at most twice in a week. Make you do once if you have dry or sensitive skin

3. Exfoliating scrubs off the counter works as well as home made ones.


 4. Exfoliate the face in gentle circular motion, making sure the face is clean before doing this. It helps to thoroughly exfoliate while not damaging the skin.

5. Don’t use exfoliating scrubs with large or sharp granules, they can tear/damage the skin. Note to also work with product suitable for your skin type.

6. Don’t overexfoliate the skin as this can strip the skin of nutrients and make it lose elasticity fast.

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