Easiest Way To Make Money Online


First of all this is a wonderful Opportunity you are exploring to know the Basics of Online/marketing. A business model at such a time.

Here’s my story how I built my own business from scratch online with no previous experience in eCommerce.  This is the exact formula I used to go from zero to $1M+ in sales online.Image result for make money online

Step 1: Pick a product already selling well on jumia, Konga, Jiji e.t.c by going to the best seller list: this should be after filling the registration form and Submitting the required documents – Business registration and bank account details.
Read and accept their Seller Agreement.

Step 2: Source and brand your product “for unbranded products” with your own brand by using Global Sources to identify suppliers

Step 3: Launch your own brand of this product on the site.

Step 4: Once product #1 is selling well, launch products #2, #3, #4

Image result for make money online

Step 5: Launch your own eCommerce store using Shopify or other store builder and sell on other platforms such as Jumia, Jiji.com, Konga e.t.c

Step 6: Hold the brand long term or sell out to a larger company for a large payday in 12 – 36 months.



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