Don’t Use Ear Phones!! – See Why


We use ear phones during exercise, to listen to music or during leisure time ot even when our phone’s speakers have gone bad.

Walking with earphones is a new fashion trend for people but it causes many problems to the ear especially when the volume is frequently or continuously increased.

Recent researches shows that if you continue hearing in high volume for a long time, it will lead to hearing defects.

According to Dr. Brian Fligor, Director of Diagnostic Audiology at Boston Children’s Hospital, people who listen to music at volumes exceeding 90 decibels, can suffer temporary loss of hearing sounds in this range which can eventually lead to permanent hearing loss, especially when worn for a long period of time.

Transfer of harmful bacteria from one ear to another is on the increase daily. Sharing of ear-phones may cause the transfer of bacteria form one’s ear to another, which could be said to be Ear Infection.

Sharing of ear-phones is unhygienic. The accumulation of waxes from one’s ear could also affect sound quality too. The problem could be made worse if the sharer has any pre-existing ear pain.

If you are a keen ear-phone user, you must avoid listening to music or other things in high volumes, do not use ear-phones that are inserted into the ear carnals, try taking five minutes break every time or you could as well ‘pause’ the music for a while, avoid sharing ear-phones(if you can’t sanitize well before usage), don’t sleep with ear-phones, use quality ear-phones too.



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