Common Habits That Damages The Kidney


Healthy kidneys are important for a healthy body because they help in filtering waste from the blood and allow it to be expelled in form of urine. The kidney regulates the minerals in your body and produces hormones which keep blood pressure down and help to reduce red blood cells.

However, there are regular habits that can cause damage to kidneys, so it’s important to be aware of how to maintain good kidney health.

Here are the 11 habits to keep in mind:

1) Abusing painkillers

2) Taking too much salt

3) Eating too much meat

4) Not drinking enough water

5) Too much alcohol

6) Smoking

7) Sitting Still

8). Eating Too Many Foods High in Sugar

9) Missing Out on Sleep

10) Not Treating Infections Quickly

11) Not Monitoring Your Blood Pressure

It is vital that we look after our kidneys by been fit and active, drink plenty of water, maintain a balanced diet, cut down on the cigarettes and alcohol, and only take over-the-counter medications when really necessary. The most important thing is that we be aware of the consequences so that we are better equipped to make healthy choices.

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