Causes Of Itchy Armpit & How To Stop It

Causes Of Itchy Armpit & How To Stop It

It is one thing to have sweaty armpits, but having an itchy armpit is to say the least, uncomfortable and embarrassing to have. The truth however is that it happens as a result of a variety of reasons.

The question however is, what do you about it? Your response to your itchy armpit should totally depend on what us causing it. We hope to express the most common causes of itchy armpits in this article and what you can do to stop it.

Itching Caused By Fragrances
Some of the common causes of itchy armpits are Fragrances that get to the area from soap, laundry detergent, or dryer sheets. This is especially irritating on delicate underarm skin, which often has invisible microtears from shaving.

The best way to stop your armpit from itching as a result of this is to switch to fragrance-free products and apply a 1 percent hydrocortisone cream,. You can get a suitable 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream from any pharmacy or beauty shop to help soothe the discomfort and rawness.

If after applying the Anti-Itch Cream you donโ€™t have any improvement whatsoever, you may have to look into other potential causes.

Other Hidden Causes
An hidden cause which may be responsible for your itching may actually be a yeast infection. If a yeast infection. Is responsible, there is a high chance that other areas of your body, particularly your nether region will also be itchy.

For you to get relief, buy and apply the same kind of over the counter antifungal cream you will normally buy for a vaginal yeast infection. If you find out that the itch in your armpit doesnโ€™t clear within five days, it is best you see a dermatologist. He may end up prescribing oral medications to help treat your condition.

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Sometimes, itchy and sore armpits may be caused by other things such as sweat. Your armpits may quickly get drenched when you walk around in hot weather wearing layers of clothes. All the wetness that builds up actually removes moisture from the skin around the area, and this results in dry prickles.

You can solve this problem by choosing to wear an antiperspirant that actively suppresses sweating, instead of wearing a deodorant. One that has a clinical strength formula is best in this situation.