Body Parts You Didn’t Know Had Names/ Photos

Body Parts You Didn't Know Had Names/ Photos

The human body was designed in a unique way.

It has many parts with its different amazing functions and I bet you, you do not know the names of some parts of your body.

Funny right?

Here are some body parts which you didn’t know have proper names:

1. Philtrum

The small indentation between your upper lip and your nose is your philtrum.


2. Opisthenar

The front part of your hand is called palm. You’d be surprised to know that the back of your hand has an actual name. It’s the Opisthenar.


3. Gnathion

Most people believe that everything on your lower face is the chin. But each part of the chin has a specific name. The lowest part of your chin is called a Gnathion.


4. Glabella

This is the space between your eyebrows.


5. Tragus

You know the small cartilage in front of your ear? That’s your Tragus.



6. Rasceta

Those lines inside your wrist are called Rasceta.


7. Purlicue

The space between your forefinger and your thumb is called a Purlicue.


8. Hallux

Do you know your big toe has a name? Yep, your big toe is called a hallux.