Being A Deeper Life Girl In This Era


    Living as a deeper life girl has not been easy, you know.
    At the initial phase of my life-when I was much younger- my appearance didn’t bother me because i went to a secondary school where most girls had their natural hair woven with thread or plaited that way.
    I mean, Life was much easier then. No weavons, No make-up.
    Almost immediately after secondary school, I gained admission into the tertiary institution and that was when i knew that the era of secondary school is not an era of the ‘now’.

    I was asked questions like ‘when are you going to fix?’, ‘why don’t you want to relax your hair?’, ‘don’t you apply make-up at all, even lip gloss?’
    It was not easy answering those questions. Thanks to God for saving me from low self esteem too because sometimes I felt odd.
    I heard of another Deeper Life girl that was asked if she didn’t apply make-up because she couldn’t afford it.
    Please, when next you see a deeper life girl or a naturalista, complement her rather than giving her an odd look thus making her feel different from this era.
    Yes, we are easily noticed but don’t make us have a low self esteem. Make us feel among and relaxed with this era.



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