Bedroom Commandments For Couples


S*x is an ‘event’ every couple looks forward to. Before making love with your spouse, there are some commandments one must adhere to, if strictly followed, would not only guarantee a better s*x life but a great s*x. Here are some dos and don’ts of the bedroom:


If you just returned from a hard day’s job or you feel fatigued for some reason, don’t indulge in s*x, it’s going to turn out bad. This is because s*x demands your energy, focus and cooperation. Using up all your energy during s*x could exhaust you further and you could even sleep off during the act and this may affect your partner’s ego. He or she may think they are not good at whatever they must have been doing to you.

So take enough rest, drink lots of water or eat fruits, so you’ll be well energised. If you realise your partner is not up for it, please try and control your energy to the pace of your partner.


Many things could spoil a good s*x, one of them includes body/mouth odour. A bad smell is a turn off for anybody, not just your partner. So before you guys start anything, hit the shower, you could even do this together, it makes it more fun. You could bath each other. Take time and bath yourself to rid yourself of sweat, remember s*x is a very intimate thing, you’re going to open up yourself to each other, so do well to keep everything clean.


If you have a problem with your breath, something like halitosis, you could chew gum to make your mouth smell a bit fresh.


This is a very important rule, if not the most important. Don’t follow your man into the room as if he’s about to rape you or something. Feel free, relax and go crazy for him. If you are a man, don’t be too anxious to impress your spouse, just feel free and explore!

Don’t rush it! Take it easy!!

Enjoy your selves!!!



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