Another Lady Affirms UNICAL Professor Rape Accusation


In affirmation to the accusations laid on Professor Cyril Ndifon of Law Faculty, UNICAL, a lady with names withheld, took to facebook to confirm that she has been a victim of sexual harassment from the same Prof. in question. Read below the narration of her ordeal.

“About the Prof accused of rape….
He was my lecturer then in the university of calabar, faculty of law.
He terrorised women, speaking of myself he dealt with me. He failed me in his subject 3 consecutive times. He frustrated me, he said he must have sex with me otherwise i wikk. Ever graduate. Once he sent for me,just as i walked into the office he rushed n closed the door put the keys in his pocket, grabbed me and tore my shirt while struggling to fondle me. Luckily for me a knock on the door, which was the sub dean.
I wept, I reported him to the dean but to no avail. The whole faculty system was weak. I swore never to give in because I upheld my dignity. He made me really popular in the faculty because it became a do or die affair.
I remember then when i re writing his carry over for the third time, he walked into the class straight to my seat n tore my paper, then he said” why are u writing this exams when I said you have passed in my records? For the Fail you see on the notice board”.
My mum n dad came all the way to school to plead with him, he said he was sorry in their presence, that its d devil work.
Immediately they left he sent for me, I was thinking he was going to be remorseful , he looked at me n said even if u like call ur ancestors if u don’t succumb u will never graduate.
Cut long story short , another lecturer reviewed my results n saw that I had a problem in that subject alone, went ahead to get my script remarked and I got my grades. He then complied my results and that was how i scaled through.
So he just reached his waterloo. I knew his day will come.
Poor him…”



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